Maximizing available budget dollars is a top of mind objective for all school districts.  One of the most difficult areas to accurately assess cost savings remains district wide printing and copying.  Most vendors would have you believe “cost” is simply measured in lease and service/supply expense and continually offer “assessments” that support ongoing upgrade/renewal/replacement based on cost per page and total monthly expense rationalization.


TBCPros is an independent, vendor agnostic software and services firm providing previously unavailable expertise, experience, knowledge and tools that allows for continuous measuring, real-time monitoring and in-depth business intelligence resulting in accurate TCO findings encompassing all variables that contribute to cost and efficiency.  Our customers hire us to do the things they simply cannot do themselves. Put the power of business intelligence and our expertise to work for your organization and get sustainable results.







TCO Analysis


What if you could:


  • Not have to rely on vendors to tell you, on paper with no ROI validation after the fact, how cost savings would be achieved?


  • Dynamically create cost savings projections based on real-time data from all variables that impact total cost of operation and implement seamlessly?


  • Have a software service integrated with your ERP system that monitored and reported on any manufacturer device type, allowing you to take control away from the vendors providing equipment and service?


  • Manage the entire output device fleet easily and effectively as a natural extension to any organization's IT service delivery?


  • Identify all related cost areas and drive vendor solutions based on your organization needs, not theirs?


  • Manage multiple supply chains via an automated interface allowing the most advantageous pricing consideration?


Let TBCPros show you how to take absolute control of your "image on paper" needs and realted technology by performing a truly independent total cost of operation analysis.  

Service Analysis

Our software provides detailed, real-time information on device status for your entire fleet, including service indicators, helpdesk integration, supply chain management and reporting.  This significantly reduces the amount of time your IT technicians spend managing devices.  In fact, with our solutions one technician can handle all device statistics necessary for maintenance, consumables and billing for 500 devices in as little as 20 minutes per day!

Functional Usage

Functional usage analysis indicates how devices are being used; from type of copying/printing to scanning and which devices are doing which.  They can be drilled down to better determine if equipment is being placed in the proper environment, eliminating wasted expenditures for models and capabilities that are not supported by the actual tasks being performed. Additionally we can calculate things like consumable/toner efficiency and educate operators on how their actions impact expense.


Contact us and we can make a reasonably accurate estimate of potential for savings in your organization with some basic information in as little as 45 minutes!

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