We first get to know you from the inside out by discovering what your short and long term goals are and how they relate to your companies WHY!


We install cutting edge cloud based software to discover all of your networked devices.  We then load your floorplans and walk through your environment, mapping devices, power/network outlets, servers and Wi-Fi hotspots and marrying your captured technology information with your floorplans. 


All throughout this process your team will have their own credentials, so you can watch our progress; keeping you in the loop every step of the way.







Most office equipment vendors today offer some kind of free assesment of the customer environment to determine areas of savings that create an opportunity to sell new equipment, services or contract modification.


The challenge for the end user is that in most cases, the results of these assessments are completely self serving for the vendor and consequently inaccurate and incomplete at best or blatantly inflated at worst. Making decisions from these vendor provided assessments is like letting the fox build your henhouse!


At TBCPros, we work for you; our findings and associated total cost of ownership analysis and ROI validations are completely unbiased and based only on what is in the client's best interest, not the vendor.  



Imagine the perfect Managed Print Service for any printer fleet, with any mix of vendors!


  • Imagine a managed print service that empowers you to tailor your facilities to any user department, that helps you to innovate and enables you to deliver a simpler, more effective and more intelligent service to the business.


  • Imagine a service that removes the burden of unnecessary interventions and downtime saving time for IT service staff and users.


  • Imagine a service that just works without the business even knowing it is there, delivering quietly, expertly and effectively in the background.


  • Imagine a managed print service that then adds unique and powerful tools like environmental impact monitoring.


  • Now imagine all this in a service that works beautifully with devices from any manufacturer and that can start to deliver benefits tomorrow, with little implementation overhead and without any need to lock yourself into a single manufacturer’s products




We work with you to ensure that your enterprise strategy remains in concert with your stated organizational goals and changing business requirements.


We accompllish this by utilizing the robust reporting capabilities of our software tools and working regularly with the you and your vendor to ensure proper periodic review of performance, device utilization, costs and other factors.


Many of our customers find great value in this ongoing relationship after having us perform our initial engagement services;


  • Device discovery & mapping


  • Findings & recommendations


  • TCO analysis & ROI validation

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