At TBCPros, we believe that having the vendor use their tools and personnel (often the salespeople themselves) to perform any kind of current spend assessment and associated findings represents a clear conflict of interest.  As previous senior executives in the industry, we know that the purpose of these assessments are to gain enough information about the current spend to determine exactly how much profit can be incorporated into their proposal while representing enough savings to move the customer into a new agreement.  These are sales organizations after all, and their goal is to sell as much equipment and services they can at the highest possible margin. Most of the assessment software and tools utilized by the vendors were created specifically to support the sales, consumable management and billing functions of their businesses.  While the premise of doing a complete assessment and recommending solutions generating areas of savings is the correct approach, we also firmly believe that it should be done by an independent organization working directly for your best interests!


TBCPros combines the most robust software available, specifically designed from the customer perspective, with the experience, insider knowledge and expertise to provide comprehensive and accurate findings, total cost of ownership and ongoing validation of ROI for existing implemented contracted solutions from your vendor.


TBCPros does not sell hardware or consumables; we are manufacturer and vendor agnostic.  We perform objective analysis of your current situation and communicate our findings in a straightforward report using the following approach.


  • Determination of client goals & objectives

  • Set up and installation of Discovery, Monitoring and Mapping Software

  • On-Site Discovery and Mapping of all assets

  • Review of all current contracts

  • Device Utilization Analysis (over/under utilized)

  • Device Obsolescence Evaluation

  • Current provider effectiveness evaluation.

  • Current provider ROI validation

  • Total cost of ownership

  • Findings & Recommendations report and review

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