Who is really in control of your enterprise imaging strategy? 


  • Who performed the TCO and/or ROI analysis you based your decision on? Did you validate and more importantly, could you validate it?


  • Whose software is being used for device, supplies management and billing?  Yours or Theirs?


  • Who reviews device performance and utility and recommends changes? You or your vendor? Based on your needs or their need to hit a sales quota?



We believe organizations should have transparency, insight and total control of all information related to their copier/mfp/printer enterprise strategy.  If you are the type of organization that believes your copier and printer enterprise strategy should be managed the same as all other financial and IT functions, we have some great news for you!  We have the knowledge, tools, experience and expertise to help you take back control!


We are a group of individuals with over 100 years of combined executive management experience on 5 continents with companies such as HP, Canon, and Sharp.  We have worked with companies such as BBC, KPMG and HSBC. We strongly disagreed with the vendor approach being used today, which in most cases is completely self serving.  We decided to start an organization devoted to looking at the customer’s situation as it relates to document production and do it solely with the end users interests in mind.


Using robust software specifically designed from the client perspective along with years of insider knowledge and experience, we have been able to show our customers how to control profit leakage and generate sustained operational efficiencies that translate directly to your bottom line.


We focus on YOUR margins, not THEIRS!


We do not sell any hardware; only tools and knowledge that the manufacturers and vendors would prefer you NOT HAVE!

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